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In all industrialized countries, most meat, chicken, and dairy products contain growth hormones (foreign estrogens), that are used by farmers to increase profits and at the expense of your health.

These synthetic estrogens are then deposited in our fatty tissues and on hormone receptor sites, where they have been shown to interfere in the proper utilization and production of natural progesterone & natural estrogen. They have also been shown to promote other more serious health problems, unique to women.

How can I protect myself?

First, replace commercially grown meat, poultry & dairy with “grass fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pestcide-free” meat & dairy. It is also of great value to “Eat Right for Your Bloodtype”. Granted, this make take some discipline, however, it is worth the effort.

Second, replace personal care products made with petroleums (petro-chemicals) with personal care products that are “all plant-based“. Since there are more than 100,000 petro-chemicals used in personal care products, a list of what to avoid would be impossible.

Unfortunately many companies will label products as ‘all natural’ when they still have many harmful chemicals in them. You might be wondering where you can find personal and home care products that are truly all plant based and safe to use for you and your family. No need to fear anymore, our experts have researched to find the highest quality personal care and nutrition support and what we found exceeded our expectations.

For the past 20+ years, Young Living has set the highest standard for personal care, nutrition support and essential oils in the world. We are very pleased to be able to refer our clients to their wellness products and a true all plant based lifestyle.

Here are just a few of our favorite Young Living highlights:

  • Essential oil infused personal/body care, since whats on your skin goes in (therapeutic grade essential oils have a natural detoxifying effect inside the body)
  • Most tested supplements and nutrition support on the market, also essential oil infused which increases the absorption rate by more than double when compared to organic supplements without the oils infused in them
  • Environmentally friendly highly effective house hold care that smells wonderful too
  • All plants that essential oils are distilled from are organically grown by the company not a third party so as to ensure quality, it’s called ‘The Seed to Seal‘ process
  • Non GMO seeds used in virgin soil (no pesticides used on the land for over 50 years)
  • Sustainable farming practices that give back to the planet
  • The purest most effective essential oils in the world that uplift mood and support hormone balance as well as overall well being in both genders
  • Pet products that are safe and supportive to overall health

Young Living is the world leader in using the earth’s powerful plant resources in a harmonious way to help people live healthier, happy lives. Please visit our Young Living website here  and start the journey to a better you.